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Real Estate Careers with Twin Palms Realty Inc

What Makes Us Different From Other Companies:

  • Our primary focus is to create an agent-driven network that empowers employees through independence, increased opportunities and long-term financial stability.
  • The Trademarked "Path to Success" program, which is unique to Twin Palms Realty Inc provides every employee within the Twin Palms Realty Inc Office the chance to work in a thriving environment and promotes a successful work environment that has unlimited growth potential
  • Twin Palms Realty Inc's "Elite Plan"

Why Do Agents Join With Twin Palms Realty Inc

  • Our "Agent- Centric" Philosophy
    • Earn up to 100% Commission
    • Revenue sharing which can provide income for retirement
    • Recruitment Bonus
    • 100% commission for listings brought over from another office
  • Training and Mentoring Programs
    • One-on-One training to be up and running in 30 days
    • On-going training and skill enhancement
    • Mock situations designed to open your mind to possibilities
    • Troubleshooting- 24/7 in-house support
    • In- House Marketing
    • Web-based lead generator programs for agents
    • Opportunity to participate in company advertising
    • Part of a $2.4 billion annual sales network
    • Offices coast to coast that provide inbound relocation leads


  • Twin Palms Realty Inc'S ELITE PLAN:
    1. Agents pay a $ZERO per month membership fee per licensed agent
    2. Agents pay $395 per transaction fee, MAX 20 transactions then $60/trans
    3. Agents pay an annual $250 E&O Fee
    4. Agent keeps 100% of commisson exclusive of other expenses including 5% Twin Palms Realty Inc franchise fee on Gross Closed Commissions
    5. Twin Palms Realty Inc's Franchise Fee is 5% up to $100,000 gross commission income then drops down to 2% per transaction


  • TRADITIONAL PLAN: 70/30 Split with Cap



Path to Success (Remember More Franchises 160’)

                Here at Twin Palms Realty Inc there is a vision that is held by management, which is to see every employee succeed. Twin Palms Realty Inc’s greatest desire is to watch every one of their professionals achieve the greatest potential possible. In helping you succeed, we help the company succeed, creating a win-win situation for everyone. The only way to implement this goal is to have three dedicated elements in constant balance which are; organizational leadership, a company structure for success, and a community of dedicated professionals for continuous support. The time and care we have placed in each one of our professionals has given them, a stronger prevalence in the industry, more charisma, elevated gains in income, greater self esteem, and generated a customer base that will carry them on for years to come. Twin Palms Realty Inc, through corporate support, has created a formula that will achieve all of these benefits. First, let us educate you on the excellent company we have become.
            Twin Palms Realty Inc Realty was incorporated in 2002 by Twin Palms Realty Inc’s CEO, Chuck Scoble, who envisioned a franchise that would ultimately give professionals the freedom to be the best Real Estate Agent imaginable.  Through independence and long term financial stability, anyone can succeed with the award winning team at Twin Palms Realty Inc and create a bold face in such a competitive industry. From 2002 to 2006 Chuck Scoble and his team of professionals built a company that spans more than 128 locations in over 18 states. Through his forward-thinking, Twin Palms Realty Inc began to make a name in various regions of the United States. Scoble and his team showed that his formula for Real Estate could work anywhere in the North American Region. Twin Palms Realty Inc Realty, growing so fast, has not forgotten their ongoing mission, which is to create an agent-driven real estate service network that empowers its sales people. Venturing on in its immersive goal, professionals working for Twin Palms Realty Inc Realty have established a record 73% growth this past fiscal year, and through its residual income plan “Revenue-Sharing,” they have earned a record $1.5 million dollars in extra income. This brings us to the tool for retirement in the next generation of Real Estate, REVENUE SHARING!
            Revenue Sharing is a next generation tool for real estate professionals; helping every agent compete in the fluctuations of the real estate market. Twin Palms Realty Inc differentiates itself from its competitors through Revenue Sharing. Many competitors offer something called “Profit Sharing,” which is, a limited income plan that only offers a small percentage of bottom line profits based off of a five tier system. The only problem is that if they are operating at higher cost than sales there is no profit, and therefore they would receive no check. Coming to Twin Palms Realty Inc, our professionals get to participate in Revenue Sharing; where an Agent/Broker will gain the advantage by having an advanced 7-tier plan of residual income based on gross. When an Agent moves to Twin Palms Realty Inc they can immediately participate in the company building plan, and during the process earn supplementary income.
Every time an Agent sponsors another successful agent, that sponsoring agent receives a bi-monthly payout. This payout is evenly distributed based on the amount of transactions that get processed by the new agent every two months. The beautiful part of the plan is that an Agent can establish seven levels of supplementary income. The amount of people recruited on your first tier is infinite; all your tier 1 agents recruit more agents that become your second tier, which is also infinite. These concepts are the same for all 7 tiers, but remember it stops at 7. The upside is that if you have someone leave on your tier 1, their recruits become your tier 1, ultimately developing a level of residual income that is vital to each professional’s goal of retiring. Even after you leave Twin Palms Realty Inc you will always receive those bi-monthly checks from the successful agents that you helped recruit into the wonderful team of professionals here at Twin Palms Realty Inc Realty. How might these agents become successful at Twin Palms Realty Inc? Don’t worry we have that covered too.
            Twin Palms Realty Inc has been consistently working to build a career center that jump starts anyone into the potential seasoned agent that they deserve to be. In March, 2007 Twin Palms Realty Inc brought Realty U on board, uniting all of its advanced training services to the profound professional resources already available here at Twin Palms Realty Inc. Realty U and the Twin Palms Realty Inc Career Center, exclusively designed a system to help better enhance Twin Palms Realty Agents and brokers and to provide valuable continuing education, news from Twin Palms Realty Inc, as well as tools including writing successful business plans for agents. Realty U is a Southern California-based educational development company focused on the real estate industry. It offers a wide variety of benefits to our professionals and generates large increases in return for each agent’s dedication to hard work:
Twin Palms Realty Agents Receive

  • Individual web-based business planning tool.
  • Weekly marketing to-do lists and accountability tracking.
  • Over 100 hours of skill based classes covering such topics as new agent training, negotiating, prospecting, farming, internet marketing, etc.
  • Online real estate mentoring library with over 5,000 pages of exact money-making strategies sourced from over 200+ of the industry's top producers.
  • Access to over 1,000 online licensing and continuing education (CE) classes.
  • Access to a wide range of industry designations such as: ABR, ASR, C-CREC, etc.
  • Special reports covering such topics as: customer acquisition, profitability, bundled services, business planning, technology, etc.

Twin Palms Realty Inc Brokers Receive

  • Web-based business planning tool uniquely designed for broker-owners and managers.
  • Over 20 different skill based classes for brokers and managers regarding recruiting, sales meetings, retention, etc.

General Online Resources

  • Daily industry news.
  • Daily blog with 40 industry leaders.
  • Monthly career newsletters.
  • A 2,500 term online real estate dictionary.

Courses include:
Skills Based Training - Over 300 hours of online real estate classes covering such topics as: New agent training; Broker Management Series; Office staff and personal assistant series; Business Planning; Life Balancing classes and Technology Series.

Real Estate Business Planning - Not only should all real estate agents have a business plan, they must make sure that they fully understand their business plan. A real estate business plan is a critical component of the success of any top producing real estate agent. Our interactive business planning tools keep agents focused and accountable.

Tele-Seminars - Topics include: 1st Time Homebuyers, Buyer Agency, Relocation, Seller Agency, Expireds, FSBO's, Listing Techniques, Lenders & Builders, Staging Techniques, Scripts & Dialogues, Negotiation Skills, Transaction Strategies, Community Involvement, Advertising, Branding, Direct Mail, Internet Marketing, Promotions, Prospecting, Traditional Marketing, Niche Markets, Challenging Markets, Farming, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Business Planning, Coaching & Mentoring, Personality Assessment, Team Building, Recruiting, Brokerage Management, Ethics, Systems & Checklists, Trends, Time Management, Contact Management, Financial Management, Property Investment, Exit Strategies and much, much more.

Success Modules - For a start-to-finish, step-by-step, moneymaking real estate education solution, Success Modules are the answer. Similar to real estate courses, they're perhaps the most efficient and focused method of delivering secrets, tips and shortcuts of our top producing agents. Updated weekly, that's 52 sure-fire, profit-generating systems each year!

Coaching - Access to one of the nation's largest online real estate mentoring and coaching services, with 175 top real estate producers contributing their proven cutting edge real estate tips, tools, strategies and shortcuts.

Proven Systems - Our archived vault contains over 300 hours and thousands of pages of the exact real estate marketing systems and strategies of these superstar real estate agents.

Weekly Counseling Calls - Each week, top-producers in the real estate industry join us live for 30 minutes to share their real estate marketing secrets, time-management tips, and profit-generating strategies that have worked, time and again, to propel them to the top of their field.

Ask your Mentor - Each week top producing agents answer the toughest real estate questions. Simply take their market-savvy answers and apply them directly and immediately to your business day.

Twin Palms Realty Agent Toolkit - The website contains hundreds of customizable and printable proven real estate marketing tools developed and used by our faculty in their local markets. They are now available for members to copy and use in their own markets, which eliminates the cost of testing an unproven real estate strategy.

Continuing Education Courses

Speakers Bureau

            Twin Palms Realty Inc Realty and Realty U’s partnership has become fully committed to preparing a path to success for everyone who would like to share in the wonderful experience as qualified, fully licensed, and seasoned agents.
            Twin Palms Realty Inc is one of the many franchises that are committed to the vision of a successful sales team. Here at Twin Palms Realty Inc we try our hardest everyday to help our staff succeed with the “Path to Success.” This plan was implemented to help agents grasp a strong foundation in today’s highly competitive real estate market. Chuck Scoble comments, “We’re excited to be able to bring to our agents such a rich scope of ongoing training and mentoring tools with which to build their careers. The Realty U Real Estate Career Development platform is simply the most robust solution in the marketplace, and will enable us to support our agent’s personal and professional growth with a strong collection of resources.” Chuck Scoble brought Realty U to you for the sole purpose of reinforcing the dedication he has for the Twin Palms Realty Inc Dream! With our professional dedication to growth, our excellent Revenue-Sharing program for extra-residual income, and a dedicated team of support staff and world class training platform, anyone who comes to Twin Palms Realty Inc will make leaps and bounds in the real estate market. Our agents participate in two wonderful plans that provide great compensation, truly being one of the most competitive characteristics about Twin Palms Realty Inc. There is the Associate Level Plan and Executive Level Plan. Depending on how seasoned you are, you can take part in one of the most profitable pay plans offered in Central Florida. If you would like to take part in the growth of Twin Palms Realty Inc or just want to grasp that foundation of success, contact Twin Palms Realty Inc by calling 813-685-0111, where we will cordially invite you to a professional consultation today! Don’t forget to ask how seasoned agents can make more than 100% commission!


Benefits that only Twin Palms Realty Inc can offer include:

  • Residential Income Potential
  • Retirement Income Potential and Strategies
  • Significant Recruiting Bonuses
  • Marketing Support
  • Agent Development Programs
  • Agent Mentoring and Coaching
  • Referral Programs
  • Broker Support
  • Preferred partnerships with Industry Leading Vendors

Because Twin Palms Realty Inc is an independently owned division of a national corporation, it has a name that is well respected and sought after in the Real Estate community while maintaining a small family-oriented business that is willing to do everything possible to ensure the success of our Tampa agents and employees.

Twin Palms Realty Inc presents:
The Five Reasons Agents Fail:

  1. They Fail to Market Themselves Properly- Twin Palms Realty Inc will help build a marketing plan, help you specify your market, and help you proliferate your name and your abilities in your area
  2. They Never Get Adequate Training to Understand What the Job Entails- At Twin Palms Realty Inc we will train you in common agency procedures, fill in the gaps left by the certification course and stimulate your mind by mock selling
  3. They Don't Receive Mentoring- Twin Palms Realty Inc offers guidance during the first steps of a new career in Real Estate, gives advice and wisdom that comes from many years of experience in this industry, and will challenge you with
  4. They Lack Support and Have No One to Turn to for Advice- At Twin Palms Realty Inc our team of management supports your career plans with advice and ideas, troubleshoots to keep transactions together, and opens their ears for any problems that new agents might have.
  5. They Lack Knowledge to Hold Onto- At Twin Palms Realty Inc we will teach you how to talk to a client who calls about your sign or ad, and provide you with tips and advice on how to generate leads.


Another benefit of Twin Palms Realty Inc that is uncommon in the retail world is our personable office. The Hummers with the Twin Palms Realty Inc logos draw the attention of our potential clients and spread the word about Twin Palms Realty Inc. These bright yellow Hummers are only one of our many marketing tools that will guarantee your success.

With our unique system, Agents are given the support they need to understand the Real Estate Industry and the help they need to overcome the initial challenges of their new career. Twin Palms Realty Inc will help every agent reach their highest potential, and obtain a fulfilling career in Real Estate.

Agent Testimonials

Dan Edwards Dan Edwards Broker Owner

I started this branch of Twin Palms Realty Inc because I wanted to give agents a better way to make more money while improving their lifestyles. And I understand that, as independent contractors, agents need to have a way to plan for their future as well as retirement.

Dan Edwards, Broker/Owner, Twin Palms Realty Inc


Debra Edwards Debra Edwards Broker Owner

With nearly 15 years as a Realtor® in the Brandon/Valrico market, I've worked for most of the Real Estate companies. With Twin Palms Realty Inc's innovative approach to revenue sharing and agent support, I have finally found a company that truly helps their agents to succeed.

Debbie Edwards, Realtor®, Twin Palms Realty Inc


Martha CaicedoMartha Caicedo Tampa Real Estate Agent

I market primarily to the Hispanic community and Twin Palms Realty Inc has been very supportive in my efforts to reach out to Spanish-speaking people. Twin Palms Realty Inc understands the importance of communicating to these clients in their own language.

Martha Caicedo, Realtor®, Twin Palms Realty Inc


Susan NemitzSusan Nemitz Tampa Realtor

Twin Palms Realty Inc is such a welcoming place to work! The friendly individualized training has given me the tools to offer my clients the latest in marketing resources, specialized service and professionalism that today's consumer expects.

Susan Nemitz, Realtor®, Twin Palms Realty Inc


Rhonda LewisRhoda Lewis - Professional Real Estate Agent

As a new Realtor®, I have found Twin Palms Realty Inc's training and mentoring programs to be a great help. The patience and professionalism of the other agents has made my transition into sales enjoyable and informative.

Rhonda Lewis, Realtor®, Twin Palms Realty Inc


Gary RaulersonGary Raulerson - Realtor in Tampa

I have worked for other companies for 25 years, so coming to Twin Palms Realty Inc was a very smooth and comfortable feeling. The training in Real Estate and Negotiations has been a fantastic experience.

Gary Raulerson, Realtor ®, Twin Palms Realty Inc



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