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Down Payment Assistance

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As the cost of housing continues to rise and lenders continue to tighten credit requirements for qualifying to buy a home, it's nice to know you can work with a real estate company that understands the important role that down payment assistance programs can play within a community. At Twin Palms Realty Inc, we gladly assist our home buyers with multiple alternatives for achieving a lender required down payment.

At Twin Palms Realty Inc, we know that before we take a client out to find the right home for them, we have to have a strategy that not only allows our home buyers to select a quality home for purchase, but a strategy that actually helps our home buyers to close and become homeowners. The strategy we employ will depend upon the financial circumstances of the client.

We are fortunate that throughout the Tampa Bay area, we have a broad range of down payment options for home buyers with various means. For first time home buyers, we can work with local grants that can assist with meeting both the minimum down payment required by a lender, and will typically assist with helping you to meeting the closing costs associated with your mortgage. For qualified home buyers, this is like getting free money.

For those home buyers that can't qualify for traditional government grant funds, we work with several charity organizations which utilize seller funds. These monies can typically assist home buyers with lender required down payment funds and in almost all circumstances, these programs are fully accepted by most mortgage lenders.

To find out more information, inquire with us using or mortgage assistance application.


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